Mystery Entry Envelopes!

What Are Mystery Entry Envelopes!

Envelopes with great coupons for all kinds of free stuff at the 2019 Youth Jamboree!  There are over 300 Mystery Envelopes that will contain items like these following examples:

      *One Free $60 Entry to the Youth Jamboree
      *One Free Llaffle at the Jamboree Concession Stand
      *$20 Free Llama Bucks for the Jamboree Auction
      *One Free Grilled Cheese Sandwich at the Jamboree Concessions
      *One Free Fiber Workshop at the Youth Jamboree
      *$10 Off your Jamboree Entry
      *One Free Raffle Ticket for the Bue Star Jamboree Raffle
      *One Free Prize at the Jamboree Skillathon
      *$20 Off your Jamboree Entry
      *One Free Hot Dog at the Jamboree Concession Stand
   And many more Free items!

How Do I Get A Mystery Entry Envelope?

1.  When you see our Hamilton Co. Group at a show, ask us for a Mystery Entry Envelope. 
2.  You may pick one envelope every time you see us at a different show.
3.  Bring your favorite coupon to the show to validate it at registration.
4.  Only one coupon per exhibitor may be used at the show.
5.  If you do not show in our area and will not see us at a show before this year's Youth Jamboree, you
     will be able to select a Mystery Entry Envelope at the time of your registration at the All American
     Youth Jamboree, June 21st - 23rd, 2019.

We look forward to seeing you at this eleventh annual National Youth Event!
We promise you a fantastic weekend!

For All ALSA Youth, ILR Youth, &  4-H Youth!
3 Complete Youth Shows, Youth Conference, & Plenty of Fun Events!

The Event Where Everyone Is A Star!


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